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At Perrone Landscaping, we provide professional landscaping services for all school systems and college campuses. Having a well kept and designed landscape can impact student’s attitudes toward their school. In addition, appearance is a major deciding factor for student’s applying to colleges or private schools. After all, student’s see the landscape before they even enter any buildings, so it is best to make a strong first impression.

Studies have shown that schools with better kept grounds and landscapes helps to build better behavior, increased focus, and can even reduce bullying. In addition, studies suggest that students preform better on tests and in the classroom when they are in view of a well kept, well maintained outdoor landscape. On top that, a students ability to pay attention increased by up to 13 percent if they had a window looking out to a beautiful, green view. Consider your schools landscape, and if your students have a view of a well kept green space? If not, you may want to consider how your schools landscape is effecting your students’ attention.

Keeping your schools curb appeal in mind, scheduling periodic maintenance, keeping turf free of weeds, rotating flowerbeds each season, and trimming shrubs, trees, and hedges can all support your school’s appearance. Pride in school appearance can drive their desire to work hard for the school. As a result, this could raise their performance. For instance, a school with a neglected landscape can undermine the quality of its academic curriculum. Students may adopt the mindset, “if the school doesn’t care enough to look nice, what else do they not care about?” As a result, it is essential to maintain a clean and professional landscape for your students to take their studies seriously.



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When a students mind is distracted with their safety and security while on your campus, they will have a much harder time committing to the book or teacher in front of them. Regular pruning of vegetation lessens overgrowth and obstructed vision. Student who is worry about tripping, slipping, getting hit by a tree branch, or flooding will be distacted from homework and classwork. A school that fully commits to keeping their landscape well maintained is giving their students the opportunity to fully focus on their studies.


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Universities with well kept and eye catching landscapes are more interesting. As a result, they create environments that more students want to be apart of. Within the first ten minutes of visiting a campus, prospective students see a parking lot, pathways, buildings and grounds. More importantly, these first impressions can impact their decision. According to USA Home Remodeling, roughly 62 percent of students say that they decided on a school solely on its appearance. Having a nice looking campus with a well kept landscape leaves the message that the college values studens as customers. On top of that, one study suggested that appealing landscapes help students mental health and academic performance. Overall, both colleges and student’s can only benefit from professional landscaping services.


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