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Turf grass is a living organism. Each plant takes in carbon dioxide and converts it into simple sugars to use as food through the process of photosynthesis. This process is one of the most essential systems taking place on planet earth as it supplies breathable oxygen for all living creatures. Also, because it removes harmful carbon from our atmosphere.

Even one family can play a part in this amazing process by just having a lawn! The result of having an average sized lawn is that it can produce enough oxygen for a family of four to breath. In addition, it captures almost 300 lbs of carbon from the atmosphere per year.

Though creating oxygen and removing carbon may be the most important aspect of greenery, it is not even close to being the only benefit! Turf grass traps an estimated 12 million tons of dust and dirt annual from being released into the atmosphere which can directly affect the climate.

Another benefit is how turf grasses noise absorption quality plays a very significant part in how landscapes are effective in reducing noise pollution.

Because of this, Dr. Thomas Watschke of Penn State University states that “the strategic use of turf grass is the most sensible and economically feasible approach to countering the greenhouse effect in urban areas.”

Landscaped areas reduce pollutants and sediment from leaching through the soil into the water supply or a body of water. This improves the quality of water. Turf grass also redirects the flow of water, slowing it which allows soil to soak in greater amounts of water, which in effect prevents flooding and erosion.



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Turf grass also has a massive environmental cooling effect! A easy example to show is that a turf grass area will be at least 30 degrees Fahrenheit cooler than asphalt and 14 degrees cooler than normal bare soil. A cool comparison to look at is that a normal house AC has the capacity of three to four tons. In comparison, an average sized lawn which is equal to around nine tons of air conditioning!

In addition, green spaces have shown many positive effects on humans. Having a view of grassy, natural areas are known to reduce stress, increase productivity and attention, reduce feelings of fear and aggression. On top of that, it even promote faster recoveries! The care and tending of these green areas also has a positive therapeutic effect that many elderly, disabled and reforming inmates can make use of.

Turf grass and green spaces can increase a homes market value and community appeal. Similarily, well-manicured plots of land are one of the most important factors individuals and families consider when deciding where to live. Also, green spaces in neighborhoods promote close-knit communities, socialization and even is shown to lower the crime rate.

Turf grass is used extensively for recreation and sport. However, it’s also commonly used to provide a place for active or leisure time outside the home. As a result, a park is closer to nature in a safe and positive environment. Because of this, these fields promote and active, happy and healthy lifestyle.

In conclusion, having green spaces anywhere from urban parks to suburban neighborhoods has numerous benefits. This ranges from environmental health to human health and also to economics!


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