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First impressions are lasting ones. Therefore, the front of any business is just as crucial to attracting and retaining customers as the work that business provides. Landscaping services help businesses like yours design and maintain the perfect look for your building. A beautiful landscape captures the attention of clients and pedestrians passing by. In addition, a well managed front lawn and walkway shows that you are proactive, detail oriented, and dedicated to upholding the quality of your business. Furthermore, studies show that people will be more willing to spend money at businesses that look nice, are well kept, and neat. People recognize cleanliness as an indication of an efficient and caring business model.

The front door shouldn’t be the end when going green. An outdoor landscape can help your business be more environmentally considerate. Lawns, gardens and other green areas can reduce dust and other pollutants from the air while also adding shade in more urban spaces. On top of that, foliage can help to stabilize the temperature of your building and surrounding area.

Many different landscape styles can be constructed to insulate your building. Landscaping insulation can come in the form of a snow barrier during winter and cooling shade in the summer. The U.S. Department of Energy has stated that landscaping can affect the climate around a building by as much as 25 degrees Fahrenheit. Additionally, well placed vegetation can help your cooling system run 2-4 % more effectively during the summer by providing shade. These striking changes could help your business save on its heating and cooling costs and provide shelter for people entering and exiting the building.


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When well managed and executed landscapes can have a wide, diverse, and positive effect on a business. For instance, natural lighting and designs with soothing colors, textures and patterns create a beneficial work space that any company would want. Studies have shown that plants and windows can reduce the pressure employees feel and boosts their satisfaction compared to those without access to the same elements. Many businesses can even reach their own goals in addition to the other benefits landscaping provides.

Some businesses may hesitate to invest in landscaping because of the upkeep involved in tending to trees, bushes, grass, flowers, annual blooms and more. Specifically, business owners and managers have little time on their hands. In this case, the maintenance of even a small landscape may seem like an unreachable idea. Plants need proper spacing, soil, amendments, climate, and sunlight to grow and flourish. Many amazing landscapes also necessitate periodic seeding, fertilizer, general trimming, and weed elimination. A reliable landscaping company will give you all the tools and aid you may need to maintain both outdoor grounds and most indoor foliage. Most businesses agree that professional landscape companies do a superior job compared to a maintenance employee or someone without the specialized expertise.


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